Candidate Statement of Understanding

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Conduct occurring before, during or after testing that violates the principles outlined below and the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board (NDHCB) policies may result in invalidation of examination results and/or other penalties and will be reported to the NDHCB.


The National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination (NDHCE) is highly confidential. The examination questions are the property of the NDHCB. Unauthorized disclosure of the examination questions is prohibited under copyright laws. By signing this statement of understanding, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of the NDHCE questions. You must therefore:

  • Keep the exam content confidential, even after the exam. This also includes not discussing the content with anyone who wrote the exam before you, with you or who has not written the exam yet.

  • Not use or be in possession of any electronic device in the exam room/space. Realize that any recording or memorization of exam questions is strictly forbidden whether you intend to recreate parts of the exam for financial gain or not.


Candidates are observed at all times while they are taking the NDHCE. This observation will include director observation by Proctors and recording of your exam session, including your webcam, computer screen and programs/applications running. Proctors may not necessarily inform you of their observations, but they are required to report behaviour that may violate the terms and regulations of the NDHCB or other irregular behaviour.


Any cheating and/or breach of confidentiality/security for any attempt to subvert the examination process by any candidate violates the purpose and principles of the examination. Any candidate who carries out, takes part in or who witnesses such behaviour must report it to the Proctor and/or NDHCB as soon as possible.


The NDHCB strives to report results that accurately reflect the skill and performance of each candidate and represent a valid measure of their knowledge or competence as sampled by the examination. Accordingly, our standards and procedures for administering examinations have two related goals: giving candidates comparable opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and preventing any of them from gaining an unfair advantage over others. To promote these objectives, the NDHCB reserves the right to cancel or withhold any examination results when, in the sole opinion of NDHCB, a testing irregularity occurs; cheating has occurred; there is an apparent discrepancy in, or falsification of, a candidate’s identification; a candidate engages in misconduct or plagiarism; when aberrancies in performance are detected for which there is no reasonable and satisfactory explanation; or the results are believed to be invalid for any reason.


A candidate agrees to abide by all NDHCB policies, as well as oral and written instructions controlling the conduct of the examination. These policies are intended to preserve the integrity of the examination process by providing standard test administration conditions that yield valid and reliable results.

v2, 2020