Equivalency Assessment Policy

Last updated September 21, 2020

1. Minimum requirements

In order to be considered for an Equivalency Assessment of your credentials and qualifications, any applicant must be able to provide evidence of minimum requirements. In its assessment process, the NDHCB uses four (4) minimum criteria that must be met before it can proceed further:

  • Criterion 1 - the applicant must have graduated with a diploma/degree or its equivalent, in dental hygiene.

  • Criterion 2 - the dental hygiene program must be established as a separate school, faculty, division or department recognized by the appropriate government agency in the country/jurisdiction where the program is established at a post-secondary institution which is also recognized by the appropriate government agency.

  • Criterion 3 - the program must be of a minimum of two (2) full time academic years of formal dental hygiene education in a recognized Dental Hygiene program, including a clinical component with direct client care supervised by dental hygiene faculty.

  • Criterion 4 - the program must have learning outcomes/competencies and evaluation criteria set out in a clear, concise and detailed manner to the satisfaction of the NDHCB.

Note: Applicants must meet all of the criteria listed above before the NDHCB can even open an Equivalency Assessment file on their behalf. If those criteria are not met, the NDHCB will not conduct an Equivalency Assessment, will reimburse the application fee minus a non-refundable fee of $112.50 + tax, and the applicant will be denied eligibility. Please make sure to consult the Equivalency Assessment Handbook for further details about how to apply for eligibility.

2. Assessment Policies and Decisions

The NDHCB determines eligibility to write the NDHCE, in accordance with established criteria. One copy of the assessment report result will be issued to the applicant or their agent. A successful assessment result establishes eligibility for the applicant to apply to write the NDHCE within a period of three (3) years from the date of approval.

When an applicant’s assessment of credentials is deemed eligible to write the NDHCE, a letter to the applicant will outline the process on how to apply for the examination (NDHCE). The letter will also include the date of the next scheduled examination for which the applicant is eligible to apply.

An applicant who did not have their credentials deemed equivalent to those of a graduate of a Canadian accredited dental hygiene program will NOT be eligible to write the NDHCE. The assessment report sent to the applicant will outline specific deficiencies and suggest other mechanisms that may be available to pursue eligibility to write the NDHCE in the future. Once an applicant has been notified, in writing, of the negative result of the assessment, the applicant’s assessment of credentials’ file is closed. If the applicant wishes to reactivate the file, a new application, appropriate fees, and additional documentation must be submitted.

Assessment of credentials reports may differ over time as the NDHCB’s assessment decisions are based on the most recent educational assessment standards for the profession.

3. Notice of Right to Appeal

Any applicant who is denied eligibility and believes that they was treated unfairly can request an appeal. Please refer to Rescoring and Appeal Policy for more details about how to appeal an NDHCB decision.

Note:  If the applicant is deemed eligible to write the NDHCE, a language deficiency in either English or French shall not be grounds for review of examination results or for any form of exam accommodations.

4. How to get an Assessment Package and Application Forms for an Educational Credentials and Qualifications Assessment for Eligibility to write the NDHCE

The Application Package provides further information about the procedures required to have your qualifications assessed. You can download the Eligibility Assessment Handbook and related forms which you can fill, save and submit with your application or have a third party submit on your behalf (see Quick Links).

Please make sure you download the MS Word version of each Appendix and TYPE IN the information required.  You (or a third party) can then print it and mail it in or submit it electronically (preferred). Please see Quick Links to access the following appendices:

  • APPENDIX A:  Application Form

  • APPENDIX B:  Document Request Form

  • APPENDIX C:  Eligibility Application Checklist

  • APPENDIX D:  Applicant Self-Evaluation of Credentials Form

  • APPENDIX E:  Applicant Continuing Competence Activities Report

  • APPENDIX F:  Applicant Current and Former Employers Report

Note:  The Eligibility Assessment process can take 8-10 weeks from the time we receive all the required documentation (no assessment will start until all documentation has been received).  

The NDHCB will communicate with the individual applicants in writing once it has reached an eligibility decision. This letter will include instructions on how to apply for the NDHCE if found eligible.

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