Exam Day

1. What Do I Need to be Admitted to the Examination Room?

Eligible candidates will be issued an Identification Card at the writing centre, on the date of the examination. The Identification Card provided includes your name, address, candidate number, email address, photograph, the examination title and the date of administration, and the name of the writing centre. Your Identification Card and candidate number are valid for one writing only. Be prepared to present government-issued proof of identification, such as a driver’s license or a medical insurance photo identification card.


2. What Happens on the Examination Day?

Please arrive 30 minutes before your designated start time (which you will select online once you are approved) for on-site registration before the exam.

3. What to bring:

  • Proof of identification (government or school-issued picture ID);

  • A clear water bottle with no label (optional).

  • Earplugs (optional)

  • Sweater and socks (optional)


Please make any necessary corrections to your name and/or address on the correction stub of the Identification Card and return this stub to the examination proctor.  At each writing center, a proctor is responsible for the fair and secure administration of the examination. The proctor will unlock each computer station and provide instructions to candidates and answer questions relating to the administration of the examination (but not about examination content).

4. Scents Policy

As some candidates may be sensitive to perfume or after-shave lotions, we ask that you refrain from wearing scents.

5. Typical Examination Day Schedule


  • T minus 30 min

    • Candidates check-in and sit at their assigned seat – Candidates are not permitted to choose their own seat location or to switch seats. They are to keep their ID Card. They only return the stub to the proctor if they have changes.


  • T minus 15 min

    • Proctor's verbal instructions

    • Candidates start the login procedure

    • Candidates must read the electronic Candidate Statement of Understanding (see "Quick Links") and “accept” it.


  • T (start time)

    • Start of 1st part of the examination session


  • T + 2 hours

    • End of 1st part


  • T + 2h10

    • End of compulsory break - Candidates log back in - Everyone must return to their assigned seat


  • T + 2h15

    • Start of 2nd part of the examination session


  • T + 4h15

    • End of examination session

    • Candidates complete Candidate Feedback Questionnaire

6. Examination Security - During the Examination

Rules for the candidates during the testing session include:

  • The proctor has assigned each candidate a specific seat. Please note that you are not allowed to switch seats.

  • No papers, books, handbags, purses, book bags or electronic equipment are allowed in the examination room.

  • No unauthorized aids are allowed in the examination room.

  • No assistance of any kind regarding exam content is allowed.

7. Grounds for Dismissal

Candidates who exhibit any of the following behaviors will not be allowed to complete the examination and will be asked to leave the examination room.

  • Attempting to take the examination for someone else.

  • Failure to follow testing regulations or the instructions of the proctor.

  • Creating a disturbance of any kind.

  • Attempting to copy examination questions and/or responses (in any format).

For more details please see the "Exam Security" section. Violating the confidentiality of the examination questions/content may result in the candidate’s NDHCB Certificate being revoked.

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