Exam Day - Writing Centres

The NDHCB, through Yardstick – our test publisher/administrator, offers a number of locations across Canada as computerized Writing Centres within a maximum of 100 km (1 hour) of all Canadian accredited DH schools with students registered for the exam. A complete list of computerized Writing Centre locations is available on the here. The busier computerized writing centres may run up to three separate exams per day (morning, afternoon and evening) over 2 or 3 days. Candidates will find out the exam schedule when they select their writing location and time online.

Eligible candidates will be issued an Identification Card at the writing centre, on the date of the examination. The Identification Card provided includes your name, address, candidate number, email address, photograph, the examination title and the date of administration, and the name of the writing centre. Your Identification Card and candidate number are valid for one writing only. Be prepared to present government-issued proof of identification, such as a driver’s license or a medical insurance photo identification card.


Candidates are responsible for being present at the computerized Writing Centre well in advance of their scheduled examination time (at least 30 min). Candidates who report late may not be allowed to participate in the test, depending on the time of arrival. The proctor will determine if there is sufficient time left to complete the test. All candidates (except those who have requested exam accommodations) are expected to complete the NDHCE by the expiration time of the regular time period.


In cases of inclement weather, natural disaster or other local conditions that may cause unavoidable interruptions to testing, the NDHCB will make reasonable efforts to notify candidates and determine the best course of action.


If, before the start of the exam, a candidate feels too ill to get to the exam site or to start the exam, they must contact the NDHCB immediately (613-260-8156) to determine the next course of action.


The candidate cannot begin the exam until directed to do so by the proctor.


There is no manual note-taking by the candidates during the examination but candidates will be able to use a notepad function on the computer for rough work. Please note, candidates are not to remove materials in any form (written, printed, recorded, or other) from the Writing Centre.


As some participants may be sensitive to perfume or aftershave, we ask that all candidates refrain from wearing scents. It is also recommended that you bring a sweater and wear socks as the exam room temperature may vary.

A “typical” session may run as follows:


  • T minus 30 min — Candidates check in and sit at their assigned seat – Candidates are not permitted to choose their own seat location or to switch seats. They are to keep the ID Card they receive at the testing centre. They only return the stub to the proctor if they have changes.

  • T minus 15 min —  Proctor verbal instructions

    • Each candidate starts the login procedure

    • The candidate must read the electronic Candidate Statement of Understanding and “accept” it (see copy at Annex A).

  • T (start time) — Start of 1st part of the examination session

  • T + 2 hours — End of 1st part - Start of the Break

  • T + 2h10 — End of compulsory break - Each candidate log back in - Everyone must return to their assigned seat

  • T + 2h15 — Start of 2nd part of the examination session

  • T + 4h15 — End of examination session

    • The candidate completes the Online Candidate Feedback Questionnaire


No unauthorized person(s) enter(s) the examination room without permission from the proctor. Anyone who has to leave the exam room anytime except during the scheduled break or when they are finished must be accompanied.


Candidates can leave the test centre when they have finished their Examination. Candidates should not talk immediately OUTSIDE the examination room, so as not to disturb those who are still writing the exam.