The QA Test

The QA Test is only offered to Registered Dental Hygienists (RDHs) who have had their eligibility to take the Test confirmed by their Dental Hygiene Regulatory Authority. The QA Test is always offered in a bilingual format where RDHs can flip from English to French (and vice versa) at will.


At the moment, two provinces formally use the NDHCB QA Test but RDHs form other jurisdictions can contact their Regulatory Authority to access it.

British Columbia

BC RDHs who have been selected to take the QA Test (also called the BC QAP Assessment Tool) will be notified by the CDHBC of the time period they have to complete the test by. They will then receive a username and password combination by email to access and purchase the online QA Test. The cost is $125.00 + GST.



The QA Test is a prerequisite for all Alberta RDHs who have been asked to take a refresher course at the University of Alberta. Upon being notified by the CRDHA, the NDHCB will email them a username and password combination to access and purchase the online QA Test within a specific timeframe. The cost is $125.00 + GST.

Other Provinces and Territories

The QA Test is acknowledged by all Canadian provinces and territories as a recognized Professional Development and Continuing Education activity. The exact number of Continuing Education hours/units that each DHRA will allocate to the QA Test may vary across the country. Please contact your DHRA if you are a registered/licensed Dental Hygienist and would like to take the QA Test.