Preparatory Tests

The NDHCB has four different but equivalent online preparatory tests. The objective of the Prep Tests is to help candidates become familiar with the navigation software and the format of the questions as well as provide an indication of preparedness for Exam candidates who will be attempting the National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination (NDHCE) or practicing dental hygienists opting to write the Quality Assurance (QA) Test*. Candidates will be able to compare their answers to the correct response for all questions answered incorrectly. They will also get a score report at the end of the test.


Each test is designed to simulate the format of the actual QA Test or the NDHCE on a smaller scale as it contains 75 multiple-choice, single-answer questions. The tests are offered through Yardstick Software Inc, our Canadian-based Test publisher.


  1. There are four (4) different versions of the Prep Test to choose from. The cost for each is $32.50 (+ tax). (Note that  the price will increase on February 1, 2022 to $33.00 + tax.)

  2. All tests must be paid by credit card.


To purchase a prep test, please click here:

Candidates will need to create their own profile (username and password) and click on "Products" to purchase a Prep Test. Please note that your NDHCE or QA Test username/password combination will not work to purchase a prep test. There is also a free 5-question tutorial to teach candidates how to use the platform.


You can also switch between the English and French versions anytime you want by clicking the language of choice in the top section.


If you need to leave a prep test at any time without finishing, simply "log out" or click off the page. To restart the prep test, open your Internet browser, navigate to, log back in and resume your test. Please note that during the test, you can go back to any question UNTIL you click the "Submit Exam" button. This will take you to a diagnosis area that will explain which questions you did not answer correctly, what the right answer is, a rationale why it is the incorrect answer and a reference to support the correct answer.


You will have 30 minutes to view your diagnosis and the corresponding rationales and references. Please note that once you click “Continue to my results summary” you will then be unable to re-enter the test nor view the rationales and references.


Please don't hesitate to use the "Support" button on the prep test site or contact us if you have any questions.

*QA candidates: Please note that the main purpose of the preparatory tests is for certification. The tests are designed for certification candidates and not specifically for QA test prep. The preparatory tests are updated regularly.