Rescoring and Appeal Policy

1. Background

This policy allows a candidate who has failed the NDHCE or whose result was nullified by the NDHCB an opportunity to request that their examination result be re-verified.


2. Grounds for Rescoring and Appeal

A candidate who has failed the NDHCE can request a rescoring of their exam on any grounds.


A candidate may appeal their NDHCE result (fail or null) only on the basis of suspected irregularities in the examination process (prior, during or after the exam). An appeal on the basis of process must present evidence that the alleged irregularities materially affected the candidate’s performance. The existence of irregularities, in and of itself, is not sufficient to change the result of the examination.


The following are not grounds for appeal:

  • Because of alleged errors in content of the NDHCE or the data analysis that was conducted.

  • The content of the examination and/or the details of the data analysis are not subject to review at the request of a candidate or group of candidates.

3. Types of Review

3.1 Rescoring of Answers

A candidate may request rescoring of their answers by the NDHCB testing agency to verify that the examination was accurately scored. The rescoring of the answers is done by hand rather than through the normal electronic process. The rescoring process can be used to determine a) if there was improper recording of the answers to one or more examination items and/or b) if one or more examination item was improperly scored against the answer key.

An application for rescoring must by made to the NDHCB within 30 calendar days from the date or receipt of the examination results. There is an administrative fee for this service.


3.2 Appeal

A candidate who had an examination result nullified OR had their examination rescored and was not happy with the result may request an appeal to the NDHCB Board of Governors. This appeal must be sent in writing accompanied by the appropriate administrative fee. The appeal must be received by the NDHCB within 30 calendar days of the candidate’s receipt of the rescore or nullified examination result.


The NDHCB will forward the appeal request and supporting documents to the NDHCB Board of Governors for its consideration. The Board of Governors will respond in writing to the candidate’s appeal with its decision within 45 calendar days of receipt of the candidate’s appeal letter.

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